Comments From Agencies

June 1999

To whom it may concern:

As a professional in developmental disabilities field, I believe it advantageous to upgrade my training. The DPS/DISC Training Program has enabled me to become more focused on areas of development specific for assessment. Using the DISC has allowed me to develop a broader knowledge of the available, and ultimately valuable, tools for Child Development Professionals.

The work samples I completed, proved useful in not only screening children (38-55 months) but in uncovering the strengths within my class and individual programming. The DISC kit was proven, through the work samples, to be time friendly and unobtrusive when used in the centre. Through prior' knowledge of the children's development (I'm their teacher), the DISC proved to be an accurate screening tool of the children in specific skill areas.

It is my hope the DPS/DISC will become a standard screening tool for all Nova Scotian children, allowing Child Development Professionals to better serve our families and children.

Jodie B. Boone
Bachelor Of Child Studies
MSVU 1995

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