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T. Sanderson, Administrator

April 21, 1997

Marian Mainland, Disc Research co-ordinator
Mainland Consulting
3723 Lobsinger Line
St. Clements, Ontario, N0B 2M0

Dear Marian:

The Preschool Resource Program, which is operated under Bruce County Social Services has been using the DISC for over ten years. As a front line staff person in this program, I feel comfortable with the DISC, its strength and its shortcomings. It is a quick tool, two 45 minute sessions adequately screen a child. The social and self help sections have a parent checklist component which can be an effective ice breaker to encourage families to express their concerns. The DISC is portable, with everything you need in the bag. It can be used in a family's home or in child care centres. It indicates areas of delay that may require programming and further testing. It is a useful tool in helping to make appropriate referrals. It also has a tracking feature that is especially useful for monitoring the higher functioning children or children with learning disabilities on my caseload. 

The DISC is just a screen and it is not a formalized assessment. It is used as the solitary tool for program planning, the plans will be limited and the goals often un-obtainable. The DISC is an adequate tool for initially screening children, or beginning with a child. I have found that supplementary tests and materials are necessary to explore the language areas or social areas in any depth to get an adequate picture of a child's abilities. 

I like the DISC and feel it will continue to have a use in our organization.

Yours truly

Meredith Nelson
Resource Teacher


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