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March 14, 1997

Marian Mainland Consulting Inc.
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Dear Marian:

Thanks for your letter I received March 12, 1997, requesting feedback regarding the Diagnostic Inventory for Screening Children.

I am currently employed as an Early Intervention Therapist in the province of Alberta.

Early Intervention provides home-based support services to families of children birth to six years of age, in my area, with developmental delays in more than one area.

The province of Alberta has identified the D.I.S.C. as the assessment tool to be utilized in the Early Intervention Programs and staff are required to receive formal D.I.S.C. training .

The D.I.S.C. assessment helps to establish a family’s eligibility for the program, and is a process for obtaining information about the child's abilities and needs.

This also provides an opportunity to build the worker's relationship with the family and an opportunity for the family to develop an understanding of the assessment process.

A review of the D.I.S.C. assessment will be done every 6 - 8 months in my program as this also allows families to visually observe their child's progress, and update developmental information.

I have been using the D.I.S.C. since October, 1995, when I received my training. The D.I.S.C. has been very helpful in assisting me to identify areas of referral (i.e.: speech, O.T., P.T.) Other disciplines have expressed their appreciation in receiving the D.I.S.C. assessment results, and have discovered that it's results are accurate as well.

I have used the D.I.S.C. PreSchool Screen in situations where I have received referrals, where there may be some concern, or the family wishes some re-assurance. I found it to be accurate, quick to administer, and user-friendly.

To me, the D.I.S.C. is a valuable, information tool in my employment as an Early Intervention Therapist. To date, I have not yet seen another assessment/screening tool that is more appropriate than the D.I.S.C.

Thank you for requesting my feedback !


Marlene M. Levitt
Early Intervention Therapist
D.I.S.C. Level 3

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