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March 14,1997


Dear Marian,

I have been using the DISC since I completed the training course that you offered. I am now using it regularly in practice and find that it gives me a very useful profile of a child's development particularly between the ages of two to five. There are many features of the DISC that I like. I generally find that I can complete the DISC, score it and interpret the results to the family within an hour's appointment. If this is not possible, since each of the scales stand independently it is easy to find a point to stop and then re-start and complete on a subsequent appointment. I tend to prefer to complete the whole DISC but if I decide only to look at one aspect of the child's development, for example language, it is very useful that these scales stand independently.

Other features that I particularly appreciate about the DISC are the selection of the items and tasks which are engaging and enjoyable for the children. I generally find that the children are very responsive and enjoy the activities. I also like the different ways of presenting the results to the parents, and I particularly value the normative tables.

I would also add that I particularly appreciate your very prompt response to any requests and the support that you give to users.

I would be happy to discuss my use of the DISC with any other physicians who are interested.


Yours Sincerely,


Dr. Mark Handley-Derry

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