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November 21, 2005

Marian Mainland
#4 Danube Drive
Heidelberg, Ontario
N0B 1Y0

RE: Diagnostic Inventory for Screening Children

I originally received my certification to practice using the DISC in 1995, when I was trained by an occupational therapist in Edmonton, Alberta in a 2 day training workshop.  After a number of practice screenings were completed, a final sample was submitted to the trainer for certification.  Once recommended for certification by the trainer, the sample was forwarded to Marian Mainland for final review and certification.

In 1996, after a year of completing the DISC screening on children I became certified as a Level 3 Trainer through Marian Mainland.  This included a sample screening including a report, 3 summary sheets, a video of the assessment and a video analysis.

After many years of using the DISC screening, I find it to be an accurate and reliable tool for use by front line workers with young children.  I believe the accuracy of DISC results has benefited many young children receiving crucial support in the early years of their development.



Marlene Levitt
DISC Trainer Level III Certified



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