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April 19, 2006


Hi Marian,

In response to your query about the DISC and how it is used at the Northumberland County Early Intervention Program I am happy to send the following information.

This Program provides home visiting to 150 children in Northumberland County who have risk factors with regard to their development. Referrals come through Public Health Nurses who use the Public Health Priority Assessment as a tool to decide eligibility.

The program has been using the DISC as the screening tool of choice since 1993. There are many reasons for this choice of screens. As the Director of the Program I am pleased that we have been able to train staff to use the screen. We were fortunate to have Marian Mainland one of the authors of the DISC provide training for the staff on two occasions. We are also able
to access Marian through email if we have questions. I believe this is crucial because if we are to make referrals and recommendations to parents regarding their children we really should know what we are doing. Because we are certified to use the DISC and had to follow the training and submit work samples I have a level of confidence that the staff using it are competent.

Over the past 13 years I have found the DISC to provide an accurate assessment of a child's level of development. This has allowed staff to make accurate referrals when necessary and to know where to concentrate their efforts when making home visits.

The DISC can be administered in English or French which is also important to this Program.

The DISC is used to get an initial picture of a child's development and then to monitor gains. Based on the results obtained if referrals to Speech etc. are necessary they can be made in a timely manner thus ensuring the best possible outcome for a child.

The DISC Item performance summary sheet provides a visual and easy to understand picture of a child's progress especially if the screen is administered on a consistent basis. It is encouraging for parents to see the progress their child is making. The pediatrician at the Developmental
Clinic always asks to see it at Case Conferences.

It had been my experience that the DISC is an accurate screen. When referrals are made ,based on the results, they are deemed appropriate.  The profile of scores for each domain is helpful too so that each area of development can be assessed pointing out any weakness as well as areas
of strength.


Jane Wood
Early Intervention
Program Director
1202 Water St.
Miramichi N.B.


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