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March 10, 1997

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Dear Marian:

Thank you for inviting our program to comment on the DPS/DISC. Our Early Intervention Program services children from the ages of birth to 3 1/2, who have a disability or developmental delay. Our program is administered through our local health authority (funds provided by the Alberta Government). We are a home based program. We to preschool school programs, day cares, day homes to consult, assess and development programs for children who met our program requirements. Our basic mandate is that a child has one or more delays in development. We use the DISC to determine eligibility into the program. The only time we don't use the DISC is if the child is multi handicapped and the parents wish not to have a assessment done. We re-screen every child on a 6 month interval. A summary of the child's skills are compiled in a report. We find that the scoring forms are very useful when explaining to parents the areas of progress and the areas that need to be focused on.

The DISC results are then used to develop a specific program to meet each individual child's needs. We find the DISC useful in assisting staff and family in determining what goals are higher needs than others.

Currently, we have not used the DPS on a regular base. Specific programs in our Health Authority and Community Agencies are looking at ways to incorporate the DPS into a regular screening program. The DPS seems to be the most likely tool to use in terms of the time and ease to administer. We also like the continuity of being able to use the DISC on those children that we have some concerns about.

If you require additional information please feel free to contact me at the above address and phone number.



Linda Langevin
Early Intervention Program

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